Sent: Tue 2/23/2021 9:20 AM
From: Amanda Carian
Subject: March 2nd – Congressional/USPS Virtual Town Hall Call – Please join!

Hello Storm Mountain, Drake, and Canyon Community,

Representative Joe Neguse’s office is hosting a ‘listening session’ for all of us to call in and share the issues we’ve been having with our Post Office over the past 2 years. Please dial in if possible- not all will get to speak but if we all dial in, they will see the ‘magnitude’ of our concern. The residents of Glen Haven will also be joining and possibly Estes Park.

Here is the Zoom link:
Listening Session with the USPS, staff of Rep. Neguse, Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper, and constituents
Time: Mar 2, 2021 06:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Please do share the contents of this email on NextDoor and Storm Mountain Facebook if you are able, as well as anyone you know in Drake, the canyon, or not on the Storm Mtn email group.

This is our chance to be ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ – thank you for coming if at all possible.

Editor’s Note: if you are joining the meeting by clicking on the link above from a device with the Zoom application installed, start the Zoom app before clicking on the link.  Otherwise, the link will attempt to install the Zoom application (at least, that is what happened from my Windows Desktop.)

Sent: Sun 2/21/2021 10:58 AM
From: Amanda Carian
Subject: [stormmountain] Important – Virtual Town Hall Meeting for Post Office Issues


If anyone can post this on the Drake/Storm Mountain NextDoor or Facebook sites, I would greatly appreciate it! Please also feel free to forward to anyone you know in Drake, Glen Haven or Estes Park. (The Glen Haven community email group has received this info as well through Nancy Dunavan.)

On March 2nd, at 6:00pm there will be a one-hour virtual Town Hall about the USPS Issues we’ve had recently and for the past 2 years with Staff Members from Representative Joe Neguse’s office and Senator Michael Bennet’s office along with a US Postal Service person they have found who has some level of authority.

Please add this date/time to your calendar and as I get the call-in information and agenda I will forward them to you as well. Hopefully many folks from Drake, Glen Haven and Estes Park will join the meeting to show the magnitude of our concern to our congress folks and the US Postal Service.

Best regards,

Sent: Fri 2/12/2021 6:31 PM
Subject: [stormmountain] Letter to USPS
From: Amanda Carian

Hello Storm Mountain,

(if people will please post this on the Storm Mountain Facebook and NextDoor groups and forward to any other Drake residents you know, I’d greatly appreciate it!)

Please see the attached letter sent to the US Congressional representative for the USPS today on OUR behalf. This letter was sent by all 3 of our Congressional reps, Senator Bennet, Senator Hickenlooper, and Representative Neguse. We have been ‘heard’ along with our fellow citizens in Glen Haven and Estes Park.

I was not asked to review the letter before it was sent. In a couple places Drake and Glen Haven are interchanged but the basic issues are still valid for both communities and all issues need to be fully addressed by the USPS at the highest levels.

A member from our community suggested we request a virtual “Town Hall” meeting with our congressional staffers who are making all this happen so they could hear directly from us. All 3 Congressional offices are very open to this idea and working to make it happen. I will send out the date, time, agenda (so the meeting is productive), and Zoom link once it is available – stay tuned.

We have been ‘heard’ and ‘represented’- I’m feeling like a proud American!

Sent: Sun 1/10/2021 9:46 AM
From: Amanda Carian
Subject: [stormmountain] PETITION to move Drake, CO Post Office to be under USPS Loveland Management

Hello Storm Mountain Community,

If you are interested, please use this link to sign our petition to get the management of our Drake, CO post office moved from USPS Estes Park to USPS Loveland. With a petition we can only have one issue, so we are focusing on this issue first. Without resolving this issue we will not make progress on our remaining post office issues. This literally will take an act of Congress to get us moved so it’s important for as many who are willing to speak up, do so now!

If you own property in Drake or on Storm Mountain but also have other residences, please identify yourself as a resident of Drake when signing the petition. All signed petitions will go to the USPS, Senator Michael Bennett, Senator John Hickenlooper, Representative Joe Neguse and our new USPS Consumer Relations Manager in Denver.

Thank you to Jessica for her help in preparing the petition and posting the petition link on the mountain Facebook and NextDoor sites.

Thank you and best regards,

Sent: Thu 1/7/2021 8:02 AM
From: Amanda Carian
Subject: The Drake Post Office Situation

Hello Storm Mountain Community and friends in Glen Haven,

For over a year, I have been communicating with Michael Mattson, our USPS Consumer Relations person in Denver ‘not’ representing Storm Mountain or any community, just as a very concerned and upset paying P.O. Box holder. What Michael ‘was’ able to help the Drake post office with:

  • enforcing cease-and-desist orders on Estes Park USPS management last year this time when they were enforcing all postal clerks to return-to-sender any letter or parcel that specifically did not spell out “P.O Box”. Cheryl had been coming to Drake and taking Keile’s sorted mail OUT of our boxes to maliciously return anything she could if it did not say ‘P.O. Box’ on it. This practice of hers is recently now back in full-swing as many of us have experienced, especially when UPS or FedEx transfer a package to USPS – they are just getting sent back.
  • enforcing cease-and-desist orders on Estes Park USPS management (Cheryl/Kim) earlier this year when they banned Kiele from working in our post office and were making him work in Estes, Allenspark and other places out of spite and their inability to hire and retain workers due to their abusive management practices.
  • Michael successfully had a USPS investigation launched and it was concluded that we on Storm Mountain and Glen Haven ARE entitled to free P.O. Boxes called “e-boxes”. The problem now is they must have e-boxes for all properties that could be built out and there is not enough room in the Post Offices so silver gang boxes would be needed and those must be placed on public property… where to put them is the issue. For Storm Mountain, all property from Hwy 43 to the top is ‘private’ property. (I understand there is a pile of these boxes behind the Glen Haven post office.) We just need this work to push forward – the decision is done and in our favor.
  • Michael successfully got the USPS to agree we get a new post office that is supposed to be located next to the River Forks on their property – Covid issues have pushed out the timing of that implementation but the decision has been made. Hopefully the River Forks does not evict the post office before a new portable building shows up to be the ‘real’ post office.
  • Michael has just moved to a new position in USPS and I have been contacted by his replacement. Michael fully agrees we’ve been shafted by Estes Park and Denver and will continue to fight our fight with us as he can. 80% of our issue is the management in USPS Management in Estes Park and 20% is USPS Denver Ops.

80% Estes Park USPS Management

  • Michael has forwarded to USPS Denver Ops over 70 local letters of support for Keile and the outstanding service he provided us.
  • Michael also forwarded over 35 examples of Cheryl Jiles verbally abusing her employees, us patrons, and Cheryl even physically punching a patron in the face in the Estes Park post office. Denver Ops HR will do nothing.
  • Michael has opened several cases against Cheryl for her verbal and other attacks on Keile that were not in line with USPS policy. The cases go nowhere in USPS Denver Ops.
  • I stood in our Drake post office this past July with Keile and the Denver Ops manager, Jamil. Jamil told us that Keile would be getting promoted to Estes Park and then be able to select his replacement for our Drake Post Office. Jamil moved to another state a couple weeks later, Cheryl found out about what was happening, Keile was not promoted and Cheryl took it out on Keile verbally, and continued to cook up reasons to ‘write him up’ that went against his postal worker record.
  • Keile is not at our post office solely because of Cheryl Jiles and Kim, the Estes Park Postmaster. This is not a ‘Covid’ issue as they have been so easily tossing around. Michael also received information of the continuous revolving door of employees whom Cheryl and Kim hire – the new employees quit in 2 weeks or less due Cheryl’s extreme verbal abuse and demanding her policies are followed versus the USPS policies.

20% USPS Denver Operation

  • In Drake we only receive mail from Denver Ops 4-5 days a week instead of the 6 days we are entitled to as citizens and paying customers. I know these numbers to be true from checking in every day for months with Keile as to whether we got mail from Denver Ops or not. Denver Ops either “forgets to put our mail on the truck” or “puts our mail on the wrong truck.” Michael opened a multitude of ‘cases’ that the Denver Ops management was supposed to investigate but they’ve investigated nothing, throwing it all under the ‘Covid bus.’ Yes, there have been times when USPS Denver Ops has been operating at 30% of their employees, but not all of the time from last March to now.

Essentially my opinion to Michael was that if we could get Kiele to be supported properly and stay in our post office we could deal better with not consistently getting mail from Denver Ops. Michael agreed but cannot force Denver Ops HR to deal with Cheryl/Kim, even after over a year of work and mountains of direct cases and evidence against Cheryl, which she in turn took out on Kiele.

Per an earlier suggestion on this group, our only hope is a hard push to get our Drake post office out from under Estes Park USPS management and put under Loveland USPS. I am investigating if there is a proper way to do this but Michael’s first guess is it literally will take an ‘act of Congress’, but let’s do it! (If Congress will not move us maybe they can get us new USPS management in Estes Park.)

I will investigate if we can do an online petition that we in turn can send to ALL of our congress people. I and others have individually reached out to our congress people but we will need an en-mass approach to get their attention to do more than just ‘send an inquiry’ to the USPS who will simply reply this is all due to Covid. Certainly go forward and do what you’d like to do, but I will share info on getting a petition signed virtually as soon as I find a solution. We must wake up our Congress-folks to either move us under Loveland USPS or remove the USPS Estes Park Management with competent people who really want to provide a postal SERVICE.

If anyone has ever done a virtual petition or has time to do this or help with communications to our congress folks when we are ready, please let me know – would love the help!

To our friends in Glen Haven who have also suffered under this same Estes Park USPS tyranny, you are welcome to learn from us and use whatever help you as well.

Best regards,

Drake Post Office Current Status

Posted on the Storm Mountain email list
Sent: Tue 3/17/2020 8:32 PM

From: Amanda Carian

Hello Storm Mountain Community,

Today the new Director of Operations in Denver (Kim’s boss) paid an unexpected visit to our post office in Drake and then proceeded up to Estes to meet with Cheryl and Kim.

When the Director of Ops and a co-worker got to Drake at 10am, our post office still was not open as Cheryl continues to make Keile work in Estes in the mornings knowing it makes him late to open our post office. Monday thru Friday our post office must be open at 9:30am. Turns out, if a post office is not open during its posted hours, it is a federal offense.

By the end of the day, many of you had run into and spoke with the Director of Ops and his co-worker while they were at our post office – thank you! Also by the end of the day, Keile received an email from Kim directing him to put any letter or parcel in the respective P.O. Box, even if there is NO P.O. Box number or marking on the letter/parcel!!!!!!

We will continue to monitor that Keile can have our post office open for all posted hours and we are pushing to ensure only Keile is at our post office unless he is on Leave by his choice. I printed out your comments about Keile and Greg took the comments to Keile today – Keile was humbled and honored and said knowing how much we all support him helped him tremendously! To all who took the survey – you ROCK!

Final update today, my contact Michael has said our new permanent post office will most likely be another modular building on the River Forks Property. There had also been talks of putting the permanent post office (modular building) down by the Big Thompson Canyon Assoc building. Hopefully we hear something soon but with everything slowing down for the virus, I’m just happy to know this work is progressing!

Stay safe and healthy and please continue to share any post office issues real-time – we have the ear and focus of Denver USPS so let’s see how many issues we can get resolved!

Best regards,

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 Post Meeting Summary:
A Location for a permanent post office has not been determined. 
Per the meeting notice (linked on the Archive page), written comments on the proposal will be accepted until May 23rd, 2019 and maybe submitted to:

United States Postal Service
Robb Groetzinger, Real Estate Specialist – Drake
200 E Kentucky Ave
Denver, CO 80209-9950

NOTE: Older information regarding the Drake Post Office has been moved to the Archive menu.