Cedar Park Road Maintenance Corporation

PO Box 344
Drake, Colorado 80515-0344

Agents, please contact the Treasurer ( with questions about property account status, lien status and for reports required at closing for property sales.
Reminder: A $25 Transfer Fee is due to CPRMC upon closing for each Cedar Park Subdivision property sale.  NOTE: Effective May 17, 2015, the CPRMC board has voted to temporarily – until further notice – suspend collection of the transfer fee for sales closing after that date. 

Per bylaw updates approved by membership at the 2014 annual meeting, e-mail and this website are now our primary means of communicating with Cedar Park property owners.

Please be sure the Secretary has a current e-mail address for you – email to

Property owners, when providing address and other contact information changes
please send to both the Secretary and the Treasurer,
and please provide us with a current email address.

You can use the following form to update your information
or to request CPCS windshield stickers.

CPRMC_Owner Contact Information Update Form and CPCS_Sticker Request Form

2016-2017 CPRMC Board Members

CPRMC Contact Info

President Mary Hill  –  email
Vice President Vern McMillin  – email
Secretary Ashleigh Flodin  –  email
Treasurer Bill Fitzgerald  –  email

Filing 1 Director Harry Fiechtner  –  email
Filing 2 Director Bill McKenna  –  email
Filing 3 Director Dale Tomczyk  –  email
Filing 4 Director K.C. McMillin  –  email
Filing 5 Director Pete Rowan  –  email
Filing 6 Director Ed Ostransky   –  email
Filing 7 Director Dave Legits  –  email


Cedar Park Road Maintenance Corporation – 2016-2017 CPRMC Board Full Contact info – PDF format