Vote NO! on CPRMC Dissolution

Cedar Park Property Owners

Keep Storm Mountain’s Voice Strong – Vote NO! On Cedar Park Dissolution

CPRMC is the only organization with the authority to advocate on behalf of Cedar Park property owners.  Dissolving CPRMC would leave individual property owners no choice but to fend for themselves about community-wide issues.

The CPRMC board saw fit to give you only information supporting the short-sighted result they want.  It is not too late to change your vote!   Click here to print a new proxy, also found on the CPRMC Meeting Minutes page in the menu above.  Send in your NO! Vote to keep our community voice strong, keep Storm Mountain Strong!

Your Proxy Must Be Received by June 9, 2017 to count!


Legal Confirmation
The determination of the law firm Herms & Herrera, who I hired to review CPRMC:

“As a non-profit organization organized under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code, the Road Corporation may operate a very broad mission as a “social welfare organization.”  Many activities would be proper under the Internal Revenue Code, including improving infrastructure for the Cedar Park subdivision beyond just the roadways and advocating for the interests of Cedar Park owners.  The Articles of Incorporation focus on the road maintenance purpose of the Road Organization, but do specifically empower the Road Organization to do anything permitted by the Colorado Nonprofit Corporation Act. “

The PID, as a Larimer County entity, is prohibited from advocating on our behalf with elected officials or other governmental entities.

While CPRMC has functioned only for road work in the past, it has always had the potential to do more.  The developers of both Cedar Park and Cedar Springs had the foresight to empower each governing body with protective covenants.  Reading the Cedar Park protective covenants, (under Corporate Documents in the menu above) two things should be apparent:

  • It was the intent of the developers that the CPRMC have the power to insure that Cedar Park continues to be an attractive place to live – the operational scope is much broader than just road maintenance.
  • Now being 50 years old, the existing protective covenants are largely obsolete and in need of considerable updating. In fact, the Nuisance clause may well be the only still-useful part.  As any updated Protective Covenants must be approved by owners of a majority of the properties – a pretty big deal – there has never been motivation to do this – until now.
  • Updated covenants can be written to focus on advocacy, and not be intrusive of property owner rights!

As a community we have the power to redefine the corporation to serve our interests any way we choose, subject only to the limitations placed upon 501c4 not-for-profit corporations, which we are.

The community is currently hampered by a variety of major issues that CPRMC could be empowered to address on our behalf:

  • Lack of reliable, affordable broad-band internet in much of the community.
  • Increasing traffic problems due to national forest usage – with a possible long term solution being negotiating to make the road to Masonville open during summer months, and a primary route for Fort Collins people.
  • Serious fire risk in the upper filings due to beetle kill trees – mitigation grants are likely available.
  • An ongoing vulnerability due to the lack of a reliable alternate route out of our community.

Plan for our future

Who knows what other challenges the future will bring?  Dissolution robs us of the ability to face them as a community.  Yes, there will be an ongoing cost to keep the corporation active – Cedar Springs arrived at $25 / year per property, about $2 / month – a minor amount to retain our community’s collective voice.

We have seen that Larimer County will not act quickly to address issues.  How many years did it take before that ATV business was closed down, and how many people were hurt in the meantime?  Application of the Nuisance clause of the protective covenants could have ended that.

Dissolution is final.  Dead is Dead, there is no bringing it back.
There may come a time when dissolution is a good idea.
That time is NOT now.

Keep Storm Mountain strong!
Don’t hamstring our future!
Vote NO on dissolution!

John Green
Past CPRMC Treasurer and Filing Director
PO Box 137
Drake, CO 80515-0137