CPRMC Current Status

As shown below in the results of the June 10, 2017 dissolution election, property owners voted to dissolve the corporation.  The official email announcing the election results can also be found on the “Meeting Minutes & Treasurers Reports” page.

I will maintain this Cedar Park Road Maintenance Corporation section of the website as both a repository of legal documents relating the formation of the Cedar Park subdivision (found on the Corporate Documents page) and a history of recent CPRMC activities.

As can be seen in my writing urging the community to vote NO on dissolution, I consider this result to be very short-sighted, and one that will continue to weaken our community until it is reversed.

And the possibility remains open that CPRMC can be resurrected as a strong community advocacy organization.

The law firm I consulted in this matter,  Herms & Herrera, offered the following assessment:

“I believe that dissolution of the Road Organization is not necessarily a one-way trip. The Covenants contemplate the Road Organization and require each owner to be a member. To me, this means that the Road Organization could be re-established at a future time and all the owners would automatically be members. Also, under a very recent case that is currently pending at the Colorado Supreme Court, Cedar Park may still be considered an unincorporated common interest community under CCIOA, even if there is no formal Road Organization.”

The Storm Mountain communities of Cedar Park and Cedar Springs have ongoing needs that can best be addressed by strong, formal, community advocacy organizations.  I believe that at some point, reason will prevail and the members of our community will see the value of re-establishing CPRMC.  Until that time, I will use this website to keep the possibility alive.

John Green
StormMountain.org website editor