Notes from the Treasurer, Fall 2013 Newsletter

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 Cedar Park Property Owner Responsibilities – A Reminder

1. To notify CPRMC of changes affecting the billing of road dues for your property, including address changes, pending ownership changes, and combining / separating lots. You are responsible for the payment of your road dues and late fees, even if you do not receive an invoice.

2. To install and maintain culverts as needed at driveways.

3. To keep the roadside and ditches along your property clear of debris.

4. To pay outstanding Road Dues and fees. The implementation of a Public Improvement District does not reduce the duty and commitment of CPRMC to use all available means to collect outstanding debt.

 Combining Lots

There are two ways to legally combine lots in the in the eyes of Larimer County. Combining lots assigns a single parcel number to what had been multiple lots with individual parcel numbers. When one of the lots is taxed at the larger “unimproved property” rate, and another is taxed at the lower “improved property” rate, this will result in the new combined lot being taxed at the lower, “improved property” rate.

1. Amended Plat – this is a permanent joining, and may also be used alter lot boundaries, for example, when three lots become two.

2. Combining for tax purposes – This is largely a paperwork change and can be reversed. It is often done to join an undeveloped lot with a developed lot so that the new combined parcel is taxed at the lower rate for developed property. This can save the property owner a significant amount of money on the annual tax bill. The current Larimer County Assessor supports this, though future Assessors may not. We were provided with a copy of the Assessor’s requirements for combining lots for tax purposes, relayed below.

Guidelines for Combining Assessor Property Accounts – Transfer Section, Larimer County Assessor’s Office, February 23, 2007

1. Accounts must be contiguous. (i.e. lots must share a boundary)

2. Accounts must be under the same ownership.

3. Accounts must be in the same taxing district.

4. We must make sure there are no tax liens against any account before we combine.

5. There must be a written request signed by the property owner requesting we combine accounts.


CPRMC Policies

1. CPRMC pursues collection of unpaid road dues using any legal method available, including suit, foreclosure and wage garnishment, as it determines to be in its best interests.

2. All legal fees and collection costs are charged back to the property owner’s account.

3. In July of each year we file a lien against each property with unpaid road dues. As above, the cost of the lien is charged to the property owner’s account.

4. If circumstances make it difficult to pay road dues, please contact the Treasurer – we often can work with you, and avoid additional charges to your account. Legal fees add up quickly, and can often double or triple the amount owing.

John Green

CPRMC Treasurer, PO Box 344, Drake, CO 80515