Spring Letter from CPRMC President Jerry Romero

Residents of Cedar Park,

The past year has been an extraordinary adventure for residents of Cedar Park and the Cedar Park Road Maintenance Corporation (CPRMC).  Monumental flooding on the Big Thompson River and surrounding areas resulted in considerable damage to both major highways and Cedar Park access roads.    Emergency repair to our access roads were performed by CPRMC and volunteers after the flooding.  Repair to Highways 34 and 43 was performed   and continues today.  Unfortunately, much more work is needed to return our roadways to pre-flood condition.

Beginning in 2014, responsibility for maintenance and improvement of the Cedar Park and Cedar Springs access road system has been transferred to Larimer County with the creation of The Larimer County Storm Mountain Public Improvement District Number 55 (PID) with a five member citizen advisory Board.  Maintenance funds will be raised by mill levy on assessed valuation of properties within the district.  Road work will no longer be performed by CPRMC and road fees were not collected for the year 2014.

Cedar Park property owners need to determine whether the CPRMC should be dissolved or what capacity it shall operate in the future.  The Covenants by which the CPRMC operates can be change only by a 67% of record owners.  The CPRMC Board recommends a limited transitional role for CPRMC to support the PID Board and to fulfill its corporate legal obligations.  Accordingly, changes to the By-Laws are required.

Recommended changes to the By-Laws include the following:

  • Decreasing the number of Board officers to President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, and reducing the compensation for Treasurer and Secretary to $300 each.
  • Instead of using the mail to post the annual meeting and other required notices, use the website, http://cprmc.org and electronic mail.
  • Change the role of the CPRMC to an advisory to the PID Board.
  • Change Board meeting frequency to semi-annually.
  • Determine how the funds on hand will be disbursed.

I hope to see you all at our annual meeting on July 19, 2014.

Jerry Romero, CPRMC President