Letter From Incoming President Mary Hill

To my neighbors and friends and those who I have not had a chance to meet!

I want to thank all who have volunteered for the board over the last 45 plus years. We all know how thankless volunteer work can be at times. Many of you have served multiple terms on the board for probably 2 reasons, everyone loved you and you were crazy enough to take on another term or no one else wanted to do it and you got nominated again and were crazy enough to say ok. Thank you for hanging in there.

After reading Verns letter as the outgoing President it reminded me of why I originally got on the board 13 years ago, and have continued to serve on the board in some capacity. My main interest and goals have always been for the betterment of the roads, limited funding often made that progress slow. The PID has taken over this function now. There are still some things that the CPRMC can continue to do to benefit the community.

With that said it is unfortunate that many members in the past have failed to contribute their share of money owed to CPRMC, therefore we have outstanding past dues in the amount of $19,000.00 I have 2 goals for the CPRMC board this 2016/2107 year.

#1 To actively pursue the collection of delinquent road dues so that eventually the community may want to consider the dissolution of the CPRMC.

#2 To work with property owners to get the road ditches cleaned up of debris and to trim and or remove trees that are hanging over the ditches and roadways were their property meets the roadway. Please consider cleaning up in the near future. This will help the PID get road work done more efficiently and save money for more constructive road work.

I look forward to serving the association as CPRMC President 2016/2017 term.

Mary Hill