Letter From Outgoing President Vernon McMillin

Dear Road Association Members

I have been President of the CPRMC for a year. I remember going to my first annual meeting in 2014 that my mother and father in-law talked about and decided to make the trip down the hill to get more informed about the community I wanted to be part of. I sat in the chair just trying to pass the time but listening to all the members’ points of view and thinking I should do more. Well within a few minutes I went from a member just passing time to a Vice President. The reason I decided to raise my hand and volunteer was and is, I truly believe we all have a voice and make a difference.

I realize for some of you, the PID has been very slow to react to any and all requests but I believe their intentions are to not continue to go back over work that has been done. They could not do business as usual as was done before. There is just too much work that was and is needed. Their road standards and goals plan show that they want to continue to make the roads more drivable but have safety in mind and a ceiling of money available to do it with. I have seen road improvements. I give my support to the PID board and their contractors to continue improving the roads that we drive on and the areas around the associated roads.
One thing about being President is you get to have the last say of the year and pass the torch on; so with that here it goes. I have been very fortunate to meet some very nice and warm people while owning a home on the mountain. I realize we will not all see eye to eye but we do need to respect others. Mary Hill was one of the people my family first met on the hill. The previous owner of our property loved and trusted her like shall we say, a daughter. Though my father-in-law and his cousin have ruffled her feathers and made amends, I have always liked and respected Mary. I believe she will continue to be a good sitting President as we move forward. Ashleigh, thanks for advice and ideas. To the filing directors, I realize that you feel like the PID wishes not to hear from you but what I think they want is an honest assessment of what realistically can be done to your filings roads on a yearly basis. John Green, thank you for your service to the board. I realize it is a grind sometimes but I think you have at least made points that people have to listen to and have served this association well.

Our annual meeting will be held at the New Fire House Saturday July 16th 1pm. I truly believe Board members and filing directors have your best interest in mind and will continue to do so in the continuing years.

Vernon McMillin CPRMC, President