Spring Letter from CPRMC President Teri King

Dear Road Association Members,

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a full year since we voted to keep our association intact at least until we gained a better understanding of the impact of the PID on our community and on the role CPRMC could serve moving forward.    We did receive a positive outlook for the future of our roads at the meeting held by the P.I.D  in May.  We were advised that the PID obtained a contractor to maintain our roads; the Forest Service will be taking responsibility for their section of our access road; however we are still awaiting communication regarding FEMA’s promise to provide funds for our interior roads.  We are hopeful that the P.I.D will truly become all that we have been told.

Many of you may already be aware that the state considers the Cedar Park Road Maintenance Corporation an HOA (Home Owners Association).  Our primary focus has always been our road maintenance, however if the P.I.D proves to be successful then in the future our board will not be needed for the purpose of maintaining our roads.  As it stands we do have another purpose and that is to protect our roads and community through the use of our Protective Covenants, a role the PID confirmed at the annual meeting it has no authority to play.    One example would be to work with property owners that are in need of driveway culverts to protect the road, and mitigation of small trees that are causing obstructions in ditches.  .

The association is not in need of funds, at this time, so we will not be assessing any HOA fees in 2016; however if the need arises in the future any assessment would be minimal, to cover administrative costs like liability insurance and attorney advice.

At this time it makes more sense to retain our association for the following reasons:

  • Allow CPRMC to remain an option for our community – It is a difficult and a costly undertaking to create a community corporation such as ours from scratch.
  • CPRMC can transition to a role that better serves the interest of our community by upholding our covenants, policies and bylaws.

Our annual meeting will be held at 1 pm on Saturday July 18th at the fire barn by the lake on Chipmunk.  We will discuss the future role of our association and consider the thoughts and expectations of our residents.  Our board members have only our community’s best interest at heart and it is our goal to create a safe and peaceful community.


Teri King. CPRMC, President