Annual Meeting – July 19, 2014


  1. Revised Bylaws were approved by a vote of 42 to 8.
  2. CPRMC will continue to exist until membership votes to act to formally dissolve the corporation, which would require a formal dissolution election with 2/3rd s of all property owners returning a vote in favor of dissolution.
  3. CPRMC will hold in reserve $11,000 of current funds for a potential future dissolution election ($6,000) and to support two years future operating expenses.
  4. As noted in the revised Bylaws, CPRMC will fulfil its corporate responsibilities so as to remain a legally viable corporation, act as an advisory body to the Storm Mountain Public Improvement District #55, and continue to collect outstanding debt owed CPRMC from past assessments.
  5. All future formal announcements from the CPRMC board will be published via email and on the website. As a courtesy, the Secretary will continue to send meeting notices via US Mail to those who specifically request this.  Email or send a letter to CPRMC Secretary, PO Box 344, Drake CO 80515-0344 to make this request.
  6. Cedar Park Property Owners: Please be sure that the CPRMC Secretary has at least one current email address to send notices to.

Click here for full meeting minutes.