The Treasurer’s Perspective from John Green

At a meeting on Saturday, June 4, 2016 the board of Directors of Cedar Park Road Maintenance Corporation (CPRMC) – the community association serving the property owners of the Cedar Park – voted to move toward dissolving the Corporation, and is also moving aggressively to get the money owed the Corporation off the books, even if it means accepting a fraction of face value.  These measures are, at best, premature.  I was the lone dissenter at that meeting.  

I am asking for the help of every Cedar Park property owner in a variety of ways noted below.    Please take the time to read and consider what I have to say.  The future of the Corporation, its assets – and your community – is in the hands of you, our property owners.  Ultimately, my sole reason for speaking out is to see that all members have fully-informed freedom of choice in these matters.

1.      PLEASE ASSIGN YOUR SUMMER MEETING PROXY TO ME – JOHN GREEN – PERSONALLY, AND I WILL USE IT TO PROTECT OUR COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION AND ITS ASSETS TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY.  The Election Ballot / Proxy Assignment form is found with the summer meeting notice on our website,  Please mail it to John Green, PO Box 137, Drake CO 80515. 

2.      CPRMC will continue to exist until we have in hand votes for dissolution representing a full two-thirds of Cedar Park lots.  Until that day, we have an obligation to continue to fulfil the basic functions described in the governing documents.  This should be clear to everyone.The CPRMC Board needs people who support its goals, not work against them.  Put your name forward to serve on the board and help preserve it for our community.  There is only one legitimate reason to serve on the board of a community public service organization such as ours – to serve the community by faithfully fulfilling the duties and intentions of the organization as described in its governing documents.

3.      Please vote for my re-election as Treasurer, and for Deb Green – a very effective past President and VP – as the new Vice President.

4.      Support the Bylaw revisions shown below by sponsoring one or both of them – ten sponsors are needed to bring them to a vote at the meeting.


Why I Make a Good Treasurer and Officer

 My focus is always on the long term good of the community.  To me serving as I have is an aspect of personal integrity – serving the community above and beyond because it is the right thing to do.  Individual freedom of choice is an important value, and the only true freedom of choice occurs when one is fully informed and free from coercive influences.  I have done my best to keep Members fully informed, and the first of the two proposed Bylaw amendments works to that end.

  1. Did you save significant tax dollars because you read in our mailing that by filling out a form you could combine a developed lot with an adjacent undeveloped lot, and have both taxed at the lower, developed rate?  That was my doing, as was the reminder for you to let us know when you combine lots; prior boards had voted not to refund excess dues billed and paid to CPRMC because we didn’t know you had combined lots.
  2. The CPRMC books had serious issues when I became Treasurer.  Our Quickbooks showed thousands of dollars of un-deposited checks, when in fact all checks had been deposited.  Reports used to file tax returns showed four times more annual revenue than we could possibly take in, and we were paying more than $600 / year to an accountant to prepare these completely inaccurate returns.  I cleaned all that up, and began filing the returns myself, at no cost to the Corporation.
  3. I also created and maintain the CPRMC.ORG website as a place for community information.

Why is the board pursuing dissolution now?  Many CPRMC Board members feel that, with the Storm Mountain Public Improvement District (PID) in place, CPRMC serves no useful function.  To date, the PID board has produced some excellent results along with some less successful ones, and has shown weaknesses resulting from its structure as a small 5-person county-appointed board.  As long as CPRMC exists, it remains a viable alternative or compliment to the PID structure.  By moving to dissolve the Corporation CPRMC board members would deprive this community of the option to recreate our locally-controlled CPRMC for area road work.  Bear in mind that, should we vote to change the role of the PID in our community, we could also redefine CPRMC however we choose to better serve the community.

Pursuing dissolution of CPRMC is at best, premature, as is aggressive efforts to collect outstanding debt – with a significant portion going to collection costs.  With liens in place, we collect what is owed when a property sells, and the only cost is the $11 filing fee for the lien release.  If and when we receive the approximately 188 votes needed for dissolution, there will be a ramp-down period when we can deal with our remaining receivables.