Treasurer’s Proposed Bylaw Updates


We need 10 Property Owner / Sponsors to bring these to a vote at the July 16th Meeting – email me at if you are willing to sponsor one or both of these amendments.

  1. To Protect Your Right to Be Informed on Issues to Be Voted On at Annual Summer Meetings – At last summer’s CPRMC annual meeting, some PID board members attended with a clear plan to produce specific results – nominating and electing Mary Hill to the board, and getting approval to give $16,000 of remaining CPRMC funds to the PID.  These major outcomes occurred with no notice to the majority of CPRMC property owners, our members.  In doing so, they deprived members who looked at the published agenda and decided “nothing significant here, I don’t need to attend” of their true freedom of informed choice.   Yes, everything followed the rules – but that doesn’t make it right.
    We need to update our Bylaws to insure that members receive advance notification of votes at property owner meetings.  The proposed Bylaw revision shown below would accomplish this.
  2. Allow a sitting President or Vice President to run for the same office at the end of their term, as we do for Secretary and Treasurer.  It is often difficult to find people willing to serve, and some may be willing to serve as Vice President but not President, for example.  This provides the President and Vice President the flexibility to stand for election to continue their service at the end of their term, if so elected by Membership. 

Treasurer’s Proposed Bylaw Revisions – Annual Meeting July 16, 2016
(Additions to current Bylaws are shown in red italics.)

 Article I
SECTION 3. Notice of meetings, – written or printed – shall be prepared, posted on the Corporation website and emailed to the last known email address of Property Owners of record at least thirty (30) days prior to any regular or special meeting of the Property Owners, and if a special meeting, such notice shall state the object or objects thereof. A notice posted on the website and a good-faith effort to send an email notice to email addresses provided by property owners shall be deemed sufficient notification of all owners.  The names of all candidates standing for election, and all matters to be voted on at a meeting, shall be published in the Notice of Meeting at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.  At least 61 days prior to the meeting the board shall publish, to the Corporation website and the email addresses of record for property owners, the purpose for the meeting and a request for board candidate nominations and for other matters to be voted on at the meeting.  Such nominations and matters to be voted on shall be sponsored by at least two (2) property owners and received by the Secretary at least seven (7) days prior to the publication deadline for the meeting announcement.   All validly submitted nominations and matters shall be posted on the Corporation website as soon as practical after receipt by the Secretary. 



SECTION 1. All business and property of the Corporation shall be managed and controlled by a board consisting of Property Owners of the Corporation and which shall consist of four Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and seven directors, one from each of the seven (7) filings. The offices of President and Vice President will be one-year terms, with the Vice President acceding to the Presidency. The office of the Secretary and Treasurer will be two year terms expiring on alternate years. Notwithstanding the terms of office described above, nothing shall prevent an existing officer who is willing to continue to serve from standing for election to the same office at the end of the current term.  The incumbent officer shall notify the board of their intent to stand for re-election in sufficient time for the Secretary to include such intent in the Notice(s) of Meeting described in Article 1 Section 3 of these Bylaws.   The office of the seven (7) directors will be for indefinite terms with the directors holding office until notifying the President of their intention to resign and until replaced by a majority vote of the Board. This board shall serve to advise the board of the Storm Mountain PID #55 and to fulfill its corporate legal obligations.